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July 14, 2024 Available €1.699
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August 18, 2024 Available €1.699
8 Available

A horseback riding trip for advanced riders in the beautiful mountains of Tusheti in Georgia.

Discover life in the remote Caucasus with its breathtaking nature, tiny mountain villages and unique views from the back of your small, fast and sure-footed Tusheti horses.

You ride at altitudes between 1,800 and 3,000 meters and discover the diversity of Tusheti on a circular tour. Your local guide knows the region like the back of his hand and will introduce you to the history, special customs and customs and the Georgian language.

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The journey starts and ends in the Georgian capital Tbilisi (Tbilisi). The overnight stay before the start of the trip and the overnight stay after the return are included.

Daily stages: 14 – 20 km
Riding experience: You should be able to stay in the saddle for several hours in mountainous terrain and be confident in all gaits. This trip is not suitable for beginners.
Number of participants: 4-8
Tour leader: English speaking guide

Highlights of this tour

  • The 4x4 off-road drive over the Caucasus over the Abano Pass (2870m) to Omalo
  • The Tusheti mountain villages of Omalo, Dartlo, Parsma, Jvarboseli
  • The Nakaicho Pass of 2950 m altitude
  • Riding in all walk types and extensive galloping
  • Insights into the way of life of the Tushi people


Arrival to Tbilisi. Transfer from the airport to your hotel.

9.00 am Drive from Tbilisi over the Gombori Pass to the wine region of Kakheti with a short stop at the Telavi Bazaar. Continue via Alaverdi and Pshaveli on the adventurous pass road to the Abano Pass and further on to Omalo, the main village of Tusheti, where you will stay in a nice local family hotel. Duration of the journey 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. with many small breaks and stops along the way. Route from Tbilisi to Omalo about 200 km

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning you will receive your horse. Today’s ride serves to get to know the horses and is not very long as an introduction. But at Shenako there are beautiful canter routes along the meadows and pastures of the Tushetian four-legged friends. In Shenako you will see one of the few Christian churches in otherwise quite pagan Tusheti, looking at a pagan temple (Khati) with animal antlers in the near distance. In Diklo, the houses have the beautiful typical wooden balconies that became fashionable in the 19th century, when after the arrest of the North Caucasian freedom fighter Shamil, people didn’t have to pay so much attention to the defensive functions of the houses. After lunch, the ride goes through the woods to the Old Diklo Fortress, which stands high on a rock, difficult to conquer, directly on the border with Russia and offers breathtaking views – to Chechnya to the left and to Dagestan to the right. Route length 12 km. Overnight guest house in Diklo.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Beautiful day ride from Diklo via Chigo to Dartlo. At Chigo there are many large flocks of sheep with the huge shepherd dogs. The horses are not in the least disturbed by the barking dogs. Behind Chigo you pay a visit to the shepherds and get some insight into their hard life.
Dartlo is a famous and large village with many fortresses and defense towers, which has been restored with World Bank funds since 2010. Traditionally, the main enemies of the Tusches of Dartlo were the Dido (Tsez) people of the northern mountains. Mutually they attacked each other regularly and stole cattle, women and made prisoners work as slaves. The traditional Tushetian defense towers protected against these raids, from whose loopholes one could defend oneself well and which offered safe protection for the families and sometimes for the cattle for days or weeks. The highest and most famous fortified towers in Tusheti are in Dartlo and Parsma. Until the 1930s, the right hands/arms of the killed enemies hung on the Dido as trophies on the defense towers as a deterrent. Route length 16 km Overnight stay in a family hotel in Dartlo.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

First you ride up to Kvavlo in the inaccessible summer village, where one could defend oneself better in the summer months with the frequent raids than down in Dartlo. Here you can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding rugged mountains and gorges. The ride now crosses over to the neighboring village of Dano, which was known for the wildness of the local tusche. Also the famous Tusheti folk singer Lela Tataraidze is from Dano,

From Dano you descend to the village of Chesho, where you can canter on meadows, but also cross smaller rivers on horseback several times. Rest at Chesho, beautifully situated in the bend of the Pirikiti Alazani river. Rode over 5 km to Parsma, a powerful and famous village, where no road leads to this day. On the old defense towers you can see letters in Arabic script carved into stone as well as petroglyphs from pre-Christian times (sun wheels, man and woman schematic). Here you can begin to feel the meaning of the saying “Once upon a time, long, ancient times…”. Overnight stay near Parsma in the small town of Basso, which consists of 2 houses and a fortified tower. Route length 17 km

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This riding day leads from Parsma over a bridge over the raging river to the high Nakaicho Pass (2950 meters), which connects Gometsari and Pirikiti Tusheti. The nature here is very different, there is a lot of forest, few people and the valley at Tusheti Alazani river is very quiet and almost deserted. You can watch hunting falcons and, with a bit of luck, the giant vultures. In winter this valley is completely deserted and only the bears hibernate here. There are even said to be leopards in these remote mountains. Route length 15 km. Overnight in Jvarboseli.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ride to Bochorna, which is the highest year-round inhabited village in Georgia at 2345 meters. This is where the old family doctor, Irakli, lives, who runs to Omalo in an emergency in winter to treat illnesses there. In severe cases, a helicopter from Tbilisi is called by radio. In Old Omalo you can visit a reconstructed Tushetian tower house. In the afternoon you have to say goodbye to the horses, which you must have grown very fond of. Route length 15 km. Overnight in Omalo

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Return via the Abano Pass. On request, bath in the hot mineral healing spring of Abano. You shouldn’t stay in the water for more than 30 minutes, because the water refreshes the body and tires it at the same time. Return to Tbilisi via Kakheti around 18.00. Route from Omalo to Tbilisi about 200 km. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Breakfast, Lunch
Departure day :

Transfer to the airport. Departure from Tbilisi


Our services

Included services

  • Travel organization
  • All transfers
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Calm Tushetian riding horses with good, comfortable saddles and bridles
  • 5 riding days according to the program with minor changes by mutual agreement
  • 6 nights accommodation in local family hotels with full board usually breakfast, snack and hot dinner
  • 2 nights in Tbilisi, hotel with breakfast

Not included services

  • Flights to/from Georgia
  • tips

Travel dates

July 14, 2024 Available €1.699
8 Available
August 18, 2024 Available €1.699
8 Available


What horses do we ride?

Tushetian horses are an ancient Georgian horse breed with the following characteristics: 135-155 cm withers. Small dry head, short neck, wide chest. Light, agile, smart, courageous, careful, good balance, very obedient. Alert ears set close together. Small dark narrow hooves. Predominantly chestnut, gray roan and black color scheme. In summer, the horses graze freely in groups of 10-30 individuals in the mountains. In autumn they move with the shepherds to the steppes 250 km south of the border with Azerbaijan. The horses can run close together on tight spaces and dizzying paths, and canter up and down hills very well.

On what heights do we ride?

You ride at an altitude of about 1900 – 2500 meters. On the way you will cross the Abano Pass of 2926 meters and on day 6 on horseback the Nakaicho Pass of 2945 meters.

Will luggage be transported?

In Tusheti, the luggage comes on pack horses or is transported by vehicle. Medium-sized backpacks or rubber packs are suitable, of which we can provide a limited number.

What footwear is recommended?

Since the horses sometimes have to be led on steep sections, you need trekking or hiking shoes. Riding boots may not be appropriate.

What gaits do you ride at?

Especially walk and canter. Every now and then the horses have to be led on steep sections.

What rider weight is allowed?

Your rider’s weight should not exceed 90 kg, but we also have strong horses for exceptions up to 100 kg.

What is the temperature in Tusheti?

Summer temperatures in Tusheti range from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

What riding experience is required?

The daily stages are 14 – 20 km
Riding experience: You should be able to stay in the saddle for several hours in mountainous terrain and be confident in all gaits. This trip is not suitable for beginners.

Are you providing helmets?

Yes we do. Please let us know your size.


What our guests say

Hello Kaukasus-Reisen,

Back home for 10 days, everyday life, work, fast food. But still in thoughts in Tusheti with the wonderful horses, a unique, remarkable mixture of mountain goat, racehorse and pack donkey in an overwhelming nature! We were able to entrust our lives to the group of riders around Tiko and these horses. All are excellent riders and are very good with people and animals. We are completely thrilled, also by the extremely friendly host families.

The accommodations were original and impeccably clean, upstairs in the medieval tower room and in the bathroom a hot shower and of course always WiFi. And I don’t mean that in an ironic way! We have always felt well looked after and taken care of, not to mention the fantastic, healthy food with potential for addiction.

Everything was also perfect in terms of organization: driver, Nico, hotels. You have a great team.Didi gmadloba for unforgettable travel experiences and many greetings to Tiko.

Ricarda and Denny A. and Johanna B.

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