Horseback Riding Tour Vashlovani

6 Days

Horseback riding at the end of the world in the pristine steppes and mountains of Vashlovani National Park – here you can gallop to your heart’s content and make friends with the Tushet shepherds and their animals.

Vashlovani National Park was established in 1935 by Georgian biologists Niko Ketskhoveli and Vasil Gulisashvili. The strictly protected area covers 84 square kilometers and the surrounding agricultural area is 251 square kilometers.

Rolling hills, black earth fields, African-like savannahs and the ancient wild pistachio trees characterize the typical landscapes of the Vashlovani National Park against the background of the four-thousanders of the Caucasus. If you add to this the mix of dry steppes and semi-deserts with deep reed belts and swamps on the meanders of the Iori and Alasani rivers, you understand the desire to protect this unique, species-rich habitat on the foothills of the South Caucasus with a national park.

Dry and wet biotopes offer a particularly attractive habitat for animals and plants with a wide range of plants and insects as a food source. In spring you can see many rare crocuses and orchids, wild pomegranate trees, juniper forests and animals such as porcupines, striped hyenas, jungle cats, wolves and gazelles. Even a population of around 20-30 specimens of the smaller subspecies of the light-colored Syrian brown bear lives here and in 2007 and 2008 the Persian leopard was also photographed here.

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Travel Information

Distance: about 200 km from Tbilisi/ driving time 4 hours
Riding time: 5-6 hours per day, ideal for cantering
Riding experience: You should be able to stay in the saddle for several hours and be confident in all gaits. This trip is not suitable for beginners.
Daily stages: 14 – 35 km
Overnight stays: on the way in huts of the national park and two nights in a tent camp.
Number of participants: 4-8
Tour leader: English speaking guide
Travel price per person: EUR 1499.00
Single supplement for Tbilisi: EUR 60.00


  • Galloping in the open landscapes of the National Park
  • Small and agile horses of the Tushetian horse breed
  • Nature experiences in the protected area of ​​the pastoral culture


Flight to Georgia. Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Overnight in Tbilisi

9.00 am we pick you up at the hotel
Drive east from Tbilisi to the wine region of Kakheti and south via Dedoplistskaro to the hilly landscapes of the black earth soils of Shiraki. In Soviet times, only the Kremlin in Moscow was supplied with wheat flour from this Georgian region. At the last village before the Eldari / Kasris Tskhali National Park, the hills begin to get higher and instead of farming, pastoralism is almost exclusively practiced from here. After a delicious snack with a peasant family, you will go to the Tush Sosso ranch, where you will receive your Tushetian horse. In the afternoon you go on a first long horseback ride in the area around the ranch. There are no limits to the gallop. Overnight at a local homestay. Daily stage: 15 km Breakfast, snack, dinner

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast, ride past the scattered ranches and farms towards “Shavi Mta” ​​Black Mountain, which here at 854 meters is the highest peak in the hills of the National Park and from which there are very beautiful views of the long-stretched chain of the Greater Caucasus and far as far as Azerbaijan. The mountain stands out from the other hills because of its dark color and this is how it got its name. There are locations of the rare and beautiful Caucasian paenoia Paeonia tenuifolia ( ) that blooms in March and April. From here you ride down into ancient forests of walnut trees that gave the name to “Kaklis Kure”. Here the meanders of the Alasani river form the border with Azerbaijan. There are 16 species of freshwater fish in the river, including zander, barbel and catfish. Ospreys, black storks and egrets nest in the huge trees and bitterns in the reeds. Overnight in Shavi Mta, tented camp. Daily stage 28-30 km Breakfast, snack, dinner

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today you ride through the most fascinating landscape of the park. It looks like a jagged lunar landscape with eroded sandstone cliffs covered by fragrant juniper and yew forests. The only way is a dried-up river that meanders through an enchanted fairytale forest. After a few kilometers reeds suddenly grow and it gets wetter. The landscape opens up in front of you and you feel transported into the panoramas of Monument Valley in Utah. Here, again on the Alasani, is the Mijnis Kure ranger station. It is managed by 2 rangers who carry out their duties of monitoring the national park. They are usually here for 2 weeks and then have 2 weeks free at home in Dedoplistkaro, where they can pursue their own business. In Mijnis Kure there are 5 national park bungalows where you will stay overnight. Overnight at Mijnis Kure. Daily stage 32 km Breakfast, snack, dinner

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we ride from Mijnis Kure through the southern mountains towards ranger station Bugas Moedani.
On the way we visit a shepherd’s camp and can taste delicious shish kebab and get to know the many animals.
In the afternoon we let the horses rest and in the late afternoon we can, if you wish, organize a horse race in the wide area, for which we give special, local prizes. Overnight Buga Moidani in tent camp. Daily stage 20 km Breakfast, snack, dinner

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today is the longest ride of the journey through the Samukhi plains at around 35 km past many shepherd camps. Here in the borderland with Azerbaijan we understand why the Georgians became very good horsemen in defensive battles against the Romans, Persians, Mongolians, Tatars, Turks, North Caucasians and Russians. The horse has been the Georgian’s friend and helper in good and bad times. Horses are considered smarter than dogs in Georgia and are not eaten here out of respect. On the way there are encounters with many horses, sheep and other animals of the shepherds. The bird life of the steppe is fascinating here. You can see flocks of cheeky rose starlings, steppe and imperial eagles, bee-eaters, hooded buntings, European rollers, as well as black vultures, griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures. With a bit of luck we can also see the shy gazelles that were released back into the wild in Vashlovani about 10 years ago as a gift from Azerbaijan. Overnight at ranger camp Vashlovana Day stage 35 km Breakfast, snack, dinner

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Morning horseback ride to Tush Sosso ranch, then transfer Vashlovana – Dedoplistskaro – Tbilisi. Arrive around 5 p.m. Free time in Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.
Daily stage 10 km Breakfast, snack

Breakfast, Lunch
Day 7 :

Transfer to the airport, departure from Georgia or individual extension of your stay


Our Services

Included Services

  • Travel organization
  • All transfers
  • 2 nights in Tbilisi, hotel
  • 3 nights in simple ranger huts of the national park
  • 2 nights in tents. Please bring your sleeping bag with you.
  • riding horses
  • Meals according to the program
  • One water bottle per person per day in addition to meals (0.5 liters)
  • English speaking guide, horse sitter, luggage transport, 4×4

Not included services

  • Tips


How is the transportation of the luggage?

Luggage is transported separately on pack horses. Please take a medium-sized backpack for your luggage with a maximum of 15 kg.

You will also need a sleeping bag for the two overnight stays in tents.

We can provide sleeping mats and riding helmets.

Can we get Vegetarian food?

Yes, vegetarian food is not a problem. Please let us know when booking.

How are the temperatures?

On the advertised dates it will be 12-25 degrees during the day and 8-15 degrees at night.


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