Breakfast in the Caucasus

Clock tower at Gabriadze theater Tbilisi

A very big thank you goes to our tour guide David, who was our driver, except for the last impassable stretches in the high mountains, which our bus would probably not have survived in one piece. He never tired of explaining what he saw with historical backgrounds and dates, occasionally garnished with little stories. Very lovely. It didn’t get boring. His wife, dear Eka, was also part of the party. Like David, she was always approachable and helped when there was something to help or organize for fellow travelers and she gave David wonderful support throughout the entire trip. She had a lot of contacts on her cell phone and with it a few strings in her hand, as they say in Berlin. David was able to sit down at the table with his guests after long journeys or guided tours by him, and Eka discreetly arranged what had to be arranged at each new location. Sometimes, I had the feeling that a breath of paradise blew past me, of Adam and Eve in a boundless landscape with all kinds of free-roaming, peaceful animals….

Yes, I know, guiding a trip with 13 foreign tourists this time, criss-crossing the country, up and down, is not an easy job. It comes with responsibility and doing everything right for 13 individuals borders on a masterpiece. And both of them mastered it. David and Eka’s many years of experience in Germany and, of course, command of the German language were very beneficial for everyone involved during the whole trip. This made it easy to communicate easily and convey a lot.
I can only say, the trip and the tour guide, highly recommended and thank you very much.

Greetings to everyone from the Kaukasus-Reisen team,

Christine B