Breakfast in the Caucasus

Georgienrreise "Frühstück im Kaukasus"

Dear Mr. Hans, dear Kaukasus-Reisen Team,

It’s been more than four weeks since my vacation. It was the first “Breakfast in the Caucasus” trip this year.
The diverse impressions of Georgia, the images of town and country, of the high mountains, of the remote villages hidden there, of infinitely wide green valleys with wide stony riverbeds, of domestic animals living mostly freely and independently in the landscape, who also like well-traveled roads use, gladly in the middle, and are allowed to do so, from the wonderfully blooming steppe, from gentle hilly landscapes, from very old churches and monasteries, from inns, hotels and accommodation lovingly selected for us, from visits to wineries, with guidance, explanation and wine tasting, with conversations, delicious food and toasts at the big table with the winegrowers, from a visit to the Quevry potter in his workshop, from good local cuisine and hospitality, from city tours, from sniffing the sea air and from the farewell dinner at the port of Batumi still very present to me.
It was my first guided trip ever. And I enjoyed it, even though all sorts of kilometers had to be covered and I wondered during the first half hour of walking in the high mountains whether there was even enough air to breathe here. Then it was there.

Christine B.